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ShortCodes are special five-digit numbers that are significantly shorter and easier to remember numbers unlike the normal telephone numbers (eg. 22138, 21441). They are used to facilitate easier communication via mobile phone. Shortcodes can be configured in a number of ways depending on your desired interaction and the need of use.

Zero rate: Your consumer is not billed for any interactions over the shortcode and you meet the cost of the messaging. Normal rate: Your consumer is charged at the rate of their subscribed tariff, with no additional cost to you. All cost is taken by the subscribed consumer. Premium rate: Your consumer is billed at an agreed and set rate higher than their normal tariff.


Telco Set Up Monthly Maintenance per Telco
Safaricom KES 30,000 KES 15,000
Airtel KES 30,000 KES 15,000

*prices are 16% VAT exclusive

*Set up fee is a prepayment for the first two months

Shared Short Code(Keyword)

Set Up Monthly Maintenance per Telco
KES 5,000 + 16% VAT KES 2,000 + 16% VAT

 Billing can be done on MO – Mobile origination, where if your consumer does not have the required airtime balance, they will not access the service (excellent for upfront content purchases, opinion polls and lotteries ) or MT – Mobile Termination, where consumers can access the service with fulfillment and billing happening as the content or response is delivered (excellent for subscription based services).

Use Cases


Send customized entertainment updates to your subscribers and generate revenue. Share local content, news updates or music files with ease.

Collect Feedback

SMS is an effective way of conduct surveys. Send questions to your users and give them the platform to respond with valuable feedback or information that you can use to make informed decisions.

Notification Services

Add instant notifications to your applications to inform your clients when important events are generated. These include financial transactions, reminders or sharing updates with your users.

We provide a restful API to perform the following actions on our shortcode services.

  • Schedule content
  • Activate subscribes(subscribe manage)
  • View active subscribers

Swagger Link:

To get your shortcode request by following the following steps.

  1. Step 1
    Create an account on mobitech:
  2. Step 2
    Log in to your account

Access the mobitech platform shortcode section as shown in red.

Note: To make api calls , you need to get your API key. To get your api key,

Step 1. Click on top right corner dropdown next your company name as indicated by 1 in the above screen shot. Step 2. Click on My Account [..] as shown as 2 in the above screenshot. Step 3. You will find your api key as shown below.

Note: API key is passed as a header h_api_key during an api call. API calls refer to the swagger:

User Flow

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